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Subassembly installation and complete assembly

Most of our production processes end with installation. Because we not only manufacture individual precision parts, but also install them in individual fixtures and finished assemblies. Workstations with modern equipment, where simple as well as complex assemblies can be fabricated, are a matter of course.

The precision skills of our employees as well as constant functional tests and documentation, ensure that we can meet the high quality requirements of our customers.

Even the assembly of complete special machines, as well as their commissioning can easily be done by the assembly team of Stangl & Co.

Our clients come from the semiconductor industry, the field of medical technology, theautomobile industry and - last not least - the aviation and aerospace industry.

Our services in the area of assembly:

  • Partial and complete assembly of mechanical assemblies
  • Complete assembly of special machines
  • Assembly of individual parts / prototypes to the assembly
  • Assembly of small series
  • Welding of prototypes and assemblies
  • Procurement of all additional standard and purchased parts, as well as external services
  • Functional tests and documentation
  • Logistics for the customers

Stangl & Co. Präzisionstechnik also caters to other technical areas such as surface treatment, heat treatment, welding and sheet metal working either internally or through competent, skilled and specialised partners.

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