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Gebäude Stangl & Co. in Roding
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Precision engineering

Success with precision

This has been the motto of Stangl & Co. GmbH Präzisionstechnik since 1988. And it was the right decision to be very particular about everything.

From the customer request to the precision part

Do you require a prototype to be made or components for pilot series or small series? Then you have come to the right place. We are committed to your needs in every detail, right from the development through to the manufacturing of high-tech precision parts. We guarantee short lead times and fast order processing through consistent PPS and CAM data management MR CM.

Series production of precision parts

Do you require milled or turned parts for series production? Then Stangl & Co. GmbH is the right partner for you. We undertake series production up to medium-sized batches. The precision parts that you require are produced according to high quality standards in line with the relevant customer specifications.



Stangl & Co. also caters to other technical areas such as surface treatment, heat treatment, welding and sheet metal working either internally or through competent, skilled and specialised partners.

Prerequisite for these areas of precision is a high-tech pool of machines, which meets all the technical requirements. To be well prepared for the future and to compensate for the increasing cost pressure, Stangl & Kulzer group will continue to invest in modern technology as well as in the expertise of their employees.

Convincing quality, lead times and flexibility

Our long-standing customers, whom we have convinced not only by our excellent quality, but also through short lead times, punctuality, flexibility and optimal customer support , can be found in the following industries:

  • Automotive and motor sport (Formula 1, LeMans series)
  • Electrical systems and Electronics
  • Precision engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical systems
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Tooling systems and technology


Take a look at our references and see for yourself!

Are you interested in finding out more about our services in precision engineering?

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